Project LIVE is a cross-disciplinary initiative at the University of South Australia to use immersive visualisation technologies to create flexible, interactive and engaging experiential learning exercises – Learning through Immersive Virtual Environments.

Explore our virtual portfolio of immersive digital visualisations from the Adelaide coast to outback Australia, from a transformed building site to a drone boat laboratory, and many more!

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Famous for its rock formations dating from the birth of complex life on Planet Earth, Witchelina is a 421,000 ha nature reserve in the Willouran Ranges acquired by Nature Foundation SA in 2010. Witness Witchelina for yourself by visiting some spectacular geotrails including nature drives and walks, giving you a chance to see an intriguing landscape of desert plains and ranges, with insights into its unique geological history.

Welcome to

Visit the historic Witchelina Homestead, the starting point for your journey into an ancient landscape that hides a treasure trove of geological secrets.

Dunes and

From Choc Chip Rise to Bubble Rocks, see the weird and wonderful geological curiosities that pop up among a carpet of dunes and wildflowers.

Ridgetop Track
Coming Soon

Take a journey deep into the rocky heart of Witchelina along the folds and faults that mark the Ridgetop Track.


Discover Environmental Science at UniSA by experiencing some of the remarkable field locations visited by our students for their studies, along with some of our research sites and activities from across the globe. Start with a virtual orientation experience by kayaking along the Onkaparinga River, learn about your limits by facing a real-life bushfire emergency, see how nature is put to work to restore and revitalise at Oaklands wetland, and become an earthquake detective on the rocky cliffs of Sellicks Beach.

Orientation at

If you're curious about studying Environmental Science at UniSA, take our virtual orientation tour to see what it's all about.

Facing Fire

Test your Bushfire Survival Plan by experiencing a real-life bushfire evacuation scenario created in collaboration with the SA Country Fire Service.

Oaklands Wetlands

Go behind the scenes of the transformation of Oaklands Park Driver Training Centre into a natural wetland system used for stormwater treatment and biodiversity conservation.

Sellicks Beach

Become a geological version of Sherlock Holmes - with Sellicks Beach as the crime scene and the rocks as your evidence, can you solve the sequence of events?

Pembroke Valley

With Milford Sound as your backdrop, dive into the spectacular Pembroke Valley in Fiordland, New Zealand, to discover the inner workings of a volcanic arc.

Cadastral Survey

Travel with a surveyor for the day as you visit Normanville to see how survey marks are located in the field.


From Engineering to Construction and Project Management, get the insider’s view of how buildings are constructed from the ground up, what sustainability features are included in modern building design, and how the latest engineering technology is used on everything from drone boats to solar panels.

Solar Panel Thermal

Explore the thermal efficiency testing of solar panels at UniSA’s Mawson Lakes Campus.

SAAB Autonomous Surface Vessels Lab

Experience a virtual tour of the SAAB Autonomous Surface Vessels Lab and see how drone boats are designed, built and tested.

MM Building

See inside the Minerals and Materials Building at UniSA’s Mawson Lakes Campus to learn about its sustainability aspects and accessible design.

From a single dwelling to five townhouses, watch the transformation of a residential build at 3 Guilford Avenue, Prospect.

Built under the roof of a discontinued factory, see the commercial construction of the Zeiss Adelaide office and warehouse at Tonsley.

Follow the multi-storey construction of the Adelaide Botanic High School, courtesy of Lendlease.

Digital Visualisation Libraries

Explore some more digital visualisations created by the Project LIVE team at the web links below.

Collaborative Projects

Find out more about our collaborative projects with University, Industry and Government partners across Australia, including a series of location-based mobile learning games and a virtual library of Australia’s geology.