Associate Professor Tom Raimondo

Tom is an award-winning science communicator, geologist and Program Director of Environmental and Geospatial Science at the University of South Australia. Together with Delene Weber, he leads Project LIVE with a focus on virtual tours for geoscience outreach and the development of critical field skills. He is also a licensed drone pilot.

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Twitter: @ROKmondo


Associate Professor Delene Weber

Delene is a social scientist who focuses on the human dimensions of environmental management. Her leadership of Project LIVE focuses on the use of virtual reality to investigate the benefits we derive from green space, to improve bushfire preparation and understanding of evacuation triggers as part of the Facing Fire project, and to build capacity in tertiary students to improve environmental planning.

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Dr Justin Payne

Justin is Program Director of the Master of Environmental Science at the University of South Australia, a geologist and licenced drone pilot. He uses virtual tours and reconstructions to complement and augment field experiences in his undergraduate classes, with an emphasis on ground- and drone-based 3D photogrammetry for mapping applications.

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Dr Caroline Tiddy

Caroline is a Senior Research Fellow at UniSA’s Future Industries Institute, coordinator of the MinEx CRC and DET CRC Education and Training Committees, and a member of the Geological Society of Australia Executive Committee. Caroline has extensive experience in industrial training opportunities and mining technology showcases.

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Dr Stefan Peters

Stefan is a Geospatial Scientist exploring how geographic data can be turned into meaningful information. His specialisation is in the area of spatial analysis and Geovisualisation. Stefan’s research interests include Web Cartography, Geovirtual Reality Environments, and location-based Augmented Reality applications.

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Dr Jorge Ochoa

Jorge is a lecturer and researcher in the area of sustainable construction and data analytics. He is Director of the Urban Science Lab at the University of South Australia. Jorge uses immersive virtual environments to teach and raise awareness about sustainability in the built environment.

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Dr Jun Ahn

Jun is a lecturer and researcher in the field of built environment and construction. He is interested in using virtual- and augmented-reality for studying human factors in construction, construction safety, built environment user experience, and innovative training and education.

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Morgan Schebella

Morgan is a researcher in the School of Natural and Built Environments at UniSA. She conducts Immersive Virtual Environment (IVE) experiments examining psychological and physiological responses to nature, and has developed an innovative IVE version of the widely-used Trier Social Stress Test.

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Safa Molan

Safa is a PhD candidate in the School of Natural and Built Environments at UniSA. Her research interests are to apply Immersive Virtual Environments (IVEs) to increase public awareness of environmental issues through the study of human behaviour, focusing on bushfire preparedness and decision-making in response to specific evacuation triggers as part of the Facing Fire project.


Steve Hill

Steve is a Digital Content Developer who has completed a first-class Honours in Computing Multimedia and has worked with the University of South Australia in the School of Natural and Built Environments since 2016. As part of the Project LIVE team, he provides skills in data capture, editing and digital design.

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Professor Pat James (Adjunct)

Pat was a field and structural geologist and developer of innovative educational technologies within geoscience for almost forty years. In retirement after finishing a career in academic administration and leadership, he has returned to these geological pursuits in conjunction with UniSA and Nature Foundation SA.

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Dr Philip Roetman (Adjunct)

Philip is a citizen science researcher. Since 2013, he has led the Discovery Circle, an initiative that focuses on citizen science projects, interactive workshops and online forums to promote connections with local natural environments and make valuable contributions to scientific research.

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Twitter: @philiproetman